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sweet three delicacies

Sweet Three Delicacies is rooted in my passion for baking and my family (my husband and my three girls; Abbie, Josée & Genevieve). Since my own childhood, I have loved baking, which started by helping my mother in the kitchen. 

Tradition is so important to me and as I grow Sweet Three Delicacies, I see how our French heritage is being honoured through every cupcake, cake or cookie I bake.  

My favourite flavour of cake is chocolate and my girls love chocolate, peanut butter & nutella. 

it would be my honour to bake for you

3 young girls dancing in front of a large window

xo shauna

Shauna displaying her cupcakes in a tray
Shauna adding pink icing to cupcakes
Shauna adding icing to cupcakes on a tray
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